Global Recovery Corp

Global Recovery Corp was founded in 2013. In 3 short years we have grown into a well known business. GRC works with OEM's to help maximize their return on aging, obsolete core inventories. We are known in our industry as an honest, innovative and flexible company that turns problems into opportunities.

In our Surplus cylinder, GRC is unique because we do not compete with the OEM's we serve when selling surplus and core. Instead, we sell into alternative, non-competing markets and not to OEM dealers. By doing so, we can sell inventory without negatively affecting the OEM's sales while still providing the highest return on the product.

Our Core cylinder excels in procuring core for OEM's. An intricate core-network has been established in our 3 years providing to many OEM's and small businesses. We have supplied world-class OEM's with their needed core thus allowing them to focus their resources on producing first-class products. We also have a network of small businesses that we can provide core to, whether your business is big or small we can accommodate to your needs.

To serve OEM's in another problem-area, our Scrap cylinder works to provide services to the OEM by taking in unwanted materials and providing scrapping solutions and value-added services such as consolidation, teardown and export.

-Neil Chambers General Manager

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